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What is Myelin?

Myelin is a revolutionary scientific discovery involving a neural insulator, which some neurologists now consider to be the holy grail of talent. Extensive practice, passion, and mentoring are elements that work together within your brain to form myelin, a microscopic neural substance that adds vast amounts of speed and accuracy to your movements and thoughts. Myelin’s vital role is to wrap nerve fibers the same way that rubber insulation wraps a copper wire, making the signal stronger and faster by preventing the electrical impulses from leaking out. When we fire our circuits in the right way- our myelin responds by wrapping layers of insulation around the neural circuit, each new layer adding a bit more skill and speed. The thicker the myelin gets, the better it insulates, and the faster and more accurate our movements and thoughts become. Scientists have discovered that myelin might just be the foundation of all forms of greatness. The more myelin is developed in an individual, the more skilled and talented they become. Myelin Resources matches highly talented people (with high levels of myelin) with companies that seek after these valuable resources.

Who is Myelin Resources?

Myelin Resources is a leading and innovative technology & engineering consulting and executive search firm.

Myelin Resources was founded with a mission to positively impact companies and enhance careers by providing the best in professional and executive search. We’re a national consulting and executive search firm providing national recruiting solutions with a full range of staffing options.

National Scope.  Local Expertise.  Myelin Resources brings you the best of both worlds – proven national reach with focused quality service at the local level. We are dedicated exclusively to building on our expertise: identifying and placing qualified professionals across a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines.

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Our Vision

To be recognized within the business community as the leader and most respected authority in technology consulting & executive search as well as provide career development opportunities for qualified candidates.

Our Mission

Myelin Resources was founded with a mission to positively impact companies and enhance careers.  To serve our customers, employees and the business community through valued partnerships & provide unique consulting/staffing solutions.

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