31 January 2017

Why the Tech World Needs Women

Recent decades have marked huge strides for women in the arena of career equality. That progress, however, has been ever so slow to spill over into the world of technology which remains one of the least diverse industries on the planet. Sobering statistics back up this reality: While more U.S. women than men now receive...
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24 January 2017

3 Strategies for Retaining Your IT Team

Because you know how crucial it is to line-up an A-team to meet your company’s technology needs, you amped up your recruiting tactics and have netted the company a dynamic group. Your efforts have attracted the best and the brightest for your IT department. Oh, yeah. But the key to a successful IT department long-term...
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17 January 2017

How Often Is Too Often to Change Jobs?

Times have changed. The days of a one job career have become but a distant memory. While changing jobs was once considered taboo, at the very least unwise, should the opportunity even present itself, it now seems “job hopping” is the new norm. A LinkedIn study backs up what we’ve already concluded: that young people...
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03 January 2017

4 Time Management Tips for 2017

In every facet of the fast-paced technology industry—data analysis, project management, cybersecurity, software solutions—the management of both an individual and the team’s time is critical. Adam Moskowitz, an independent systems and network architect in the Boston area, is quick to share what keeps him on track. And no, it’s not a particular management software nor...
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20 December 2016

The WHY and HOW of Career Goals

The WHY Successful careers require thought and planning. They don’t simply happen on their own. A wait-and-see approach will almost never get you to where you want to go. The only thing that approach assures is that time will march on. The months will fade into years that will fill decades. Of course, you have...
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13 December 2016

Why Pre-Employment Assessments Are Worth the Effort

Every employer’s dream – Streamline the hiring process by 1) spending less time and money filling open positions and 2) enjoying a greater level of hiring success by hiring the right people for the right job. Pre-employment assessments can increase the likelihood of both of those aspects becoming a reality as it provides an efficient...
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