Data Analytics

Analytic techniques are directly applicable to all aspects of federal healthcare, where the need to increase accuracy and timeliness of predictions has never been greater. Healthcare analytics span from typically business-oriented applications, such as financial forecasting, to life sciences research support using bioinformatics. With Myelin’s analytics capabilities, we solve large and complex challenges for clients, including:

Performance Management

Our depth of financial reporting solutions for federal agencies enables effective budgeting, forecasting, obligation, and tracking of results relative to key performance metrics.

Program Integrity

Our expertise in credentialing and fraud detection enables prevention of unauthorized transactions, or identifying improper payments in completed transactions.

Workforce Management

Our experience using historical data to predict staff activity and other proactive workforce modeling enables effective human resources planning and management.

Population Health Management

Our predictive analytics capability is directly applicable to a variety of public health analytics, surveillance, and incidence response requirements.

Clinical Informatics

The application of these same capabilities enables forecasting efficacy of protocols and drug treatments, which allows for more effective clinical decision support.


The large scale and complexity of health and life sciences research require effective analytics to accelerate discovery and the transition of new capabilities into healthcare delivery.

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