Healthcare software is a very unique and challenging Technology within the software world.  The protection of confidential patient information, the complexity of health information models, the changing health landscape, and the required adherence to national initiatives, all create external forces that must be managed both internal to the software, and externally on a program level, to ensure the successful implementation of Health Solutions.  Myelin Resources is a trusted partner to some of the most complex health providing organizations on the globe and we have successfully supported the development of secure clinical solutions such as AHLTA, VLER, BHIE, CHDR, VINCI and others, to meet the dynamic requirements of healthcare providers, administrators, and the healthcare business community.

Myelin’s Health Solutions Group meets the federal sector’s accelerating demand for new healthcare strategies and technology across the federal government. We leverage a deep understanding of the health industry and technology to deliver innovative, transformative solutions for vigilant mission care in healthcare delivery systems, public health, medical logistics, and benefits and payer services. Our solutions are modernizing systems, informing decisions, and improving outcomes for our customers. Our work also supports nationwide health initiatives to improve care, promote healthy lifestyles, build healthy communities, improve readiness to respond to national emergencies, and reduce cost.

We have provided transformational subject matter expertise and health IT services to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense Military Health System, and the Department of Health and Human Services – including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and the Food and Drug Administration – to achieve the following benefits:

–        Interoperable healthcare delivery systems and Electronic Health Records (EHR) delivered with a full understanding of applicable business processes as well as agency and federal development and implementation standards

–        Enhanced population health and preparedness

–        More affordable care

–        More efficient management and delivery of medical services

–        Reliable, cost-effective medical logistics services sustained at peak readiness to support contingency and humanitarian relief operations

–        The ability to predict clinical, financial, and operational needs through data analytics

Myelin’s thought leadership and innovative health solutions serve as an enabler in any health setting. We focus on four key lines of business:

Medical Logistics

 As an industry leader in supporting the operational and IT needs of the federal healthcare logistics community, Myelin provides medical logistics, facility management, and biomedical equipment maintenance services worldwide. We build, maintain, and deploy fully outfitted medical treatment facilities for use by U.S. military medical units, enabling worldwide medical response in support of disaster relief and military actions. We also develop and sustain the Military Health System’s Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS) system.

Public Health

We work with our federal customers to improve population health, prevent disease, and advance quality of life for our citizens. Our multi-faceted approach applies principles of epidemiology, monitoring and evaluation, health education, and health communications to mission activities. To keep up with the growing need for interoperability to support our nation’s healthcare delivery systems and population health monitoring, we specialize in electronic messaging standards, system integration, web and cloud enablement, vocabulary/coding, and data normalization.

Healthcare Delivery Systems

We develop and optimize healthcare systems and EHR integration and interoperability to ensure processes are efficient while enhancing the patient care experience. By integrating systems, software, and other IT products, our services are helping to establish a more efficient healthcare delivery system through interoperable, standards-based software systems and are also improving the quality of care and reducing healthcare costs. 

Benefits and Payer Services

Our healthcare analytics solutions span statistical and qualitative analysis and explanatory and predictive modeling in support of our customers’ clinical, financial, and operational information needs. We deliver operational effectiveness to our customers through real-time big data analytics. 

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