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Let us provide the precise level of expertise you need, for the exact length of time you require. We have experienced IT professionals ready to make an outstanding contribution to your company.

Contract to Hire

We want you to be as confident in our employees as we are. That’s why we guarantee your satisfaction. With our no-risk, contract-to-hire option, you have the ability to evaluate an employee in your work environment before making a final hiring decision–during which time Myelin Resources retains the employee on our payroll. It’s an excellent no-risk evaluation that offers you the assurance that the person you hire is exactly the IT professional you need.

Direct Hire

No need to drain resources by starting each search from scratch. Allow Myelin Resources to save you time by leveraging our business networks and recruiting expertise. We offer a partnership based on global resources delivered with personalized, local service.

The Predictive Placement Method Advantage

Being smaller means we must work harder, and do things better. The Predictive Placement Method (PPM) is a process developed by Myelin Resources co-founder Spencer Shaffer to quickly identify, and place technical or IT professionals into positions for long-term employment. A proprietary system, the PPM guides Myelin recruiters through three critical areas of evaluation and match-making, including a technical skills validation, a motivational assessment, and a cultural sync. Learn more about Myelin’s proprietary PPM here.

Technical Skills Validation

Ensuring a candidate possesses the skills on their resume is critical. This phase includes a pre-screen questionnaire, a timed skills test, and an interview with a Myelin technical screener. The emphasis on the one-on-one interview helps ensure the stated technical skills match what the hiring manager is seeking.

Motivational Assessment

Myelin has found a key to a successful new hire is motivation. Long-term, high-performing employees are excited about the technology they use, and believe in the company they work for. PPM provides Myelin recruiters with a framework to evaluate personal motivation, and ensures a match with the hiring company.

Cultural Sync

Company culture, as well as team culture is evaluated and understood as a part of the PPM system. Often overlooked, a good cultural fit not only allows a new employee to quickly find a productive place at their new company, but also is a leading indicator to long-term employment.

Myelin recruiters use PPM to understand at a deep level the requirements of the company, and hiring managers, from technical skills, to motivation, and culture. When used properly, PPM is a key success factor in quickly finding the right fit for both employer and employee, and can create a long-term employment relationship.

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