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24 January 2017

3 Strategies for Retaining Your IT Team

myelin - retentionBecause you know how crucial it is to line-up an A-team to meet your company’s technology needs, you amped up your recruiting tactics and have netted the company a dynamic group. Your efforts have attracted the best and the brightest for your IT department. Oh, yeah.

But the key to a successful IT department long-term is discovering and implementing strategies that will keep the A-team intact. High turnover here is especially discouraging not to mention productivity robbing, so whatever you can do to improve retention will pay dividends.

Empowerment is one tool that will boost the IT folks desire to stick around. When you give employees what they need to get the job done, they’re not only happier, they are more productive, too.

Consider these three simple empowerment strategies.

  1. Schedule fewer meetings

Meetings can absorb time in a most unproductive way. And morale? Meetings have a remarkable way of dampening spirits and sapping energy. If left unchecked, these corporate gatherings can overwhelm your employees’ schedules, infringing on the time needed to work.

Are some meetings necessary? Unfortunately, yes. At times meetings are essential. But consider changing “standing meetings” to an “only if necessary” status. Each week or month, make the call to cancel if there’s nothing to discuss.

Opt for fewer meetings and more work sessions that gather the troops around the conference table to attack the latest project or deadline, hands on, as a group.

  1. Avoid making black-and-white rules

Restrictions of the broad, sweeping variety often do more harm than good. And unilateral decisions? They’re a great way to not only rile the troops but hinder progress and productivity as well.

Allow their “techy” minds to be innovative. Institute guidelines that make room for exceptions to be considered on a case-by-case basis. That will allow your tech team the freedom to do their best work much better than hard and fast rules that never bend.

  1. Talk to your people

Can something so simple make that much difference? You bet.

  • Don’t rely on chance encounters in the hallway to establish the connected relationships that create a pleasant working environment.
  • Schedule sit-downs with individuals to gauge their job satisfaction and seek feedback through an atmosphere that encourages everyone to speak their minds freely.
  • Verify that communication procedures are intact and operating effectively.
  • Make keeping everyone on the same page a priority as it not only makes things run more smoothly; it’s a tangible expression of respect.
  • Show appreciation for your staff’s efforts, ideas, and constructive feedback.

These strategies will go a long way in defending against one of the top reasons employees give for hitting the job-hunting trail: dislike of the company’s management or culture.

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